Team Tryouts

If you interested in competing  for a Santa Clara Sporting Team, please contact the team manager or coach directly to schedule a tryout. 

The Santa Clara Sporting Club has a rich history of producing some of the most successful youth soccer teams in the United States.  We produce Premier and Competitive level soccer teams competing in both the California Regional League, the NorCal Premier Academy League, premier-level sanctioned tournaments across the country. Many players have graduated from our youth soccer program and are now playing on professional teams and collegiate teams. If you are interested in trying-out for a Santa Clara Sporting team please contact the team coach or manager to arrange a tryout.

Premier Teams compete in the highest level of competitive soccer offered. Teams compete in the California Regional League and the NorCal Premier Soccer League. This division represents the highest level of commitment by both players and parents.

Competitive Teams compete in the Cal-North CCSL league and the NorCal Premier Soccer League, and may participate in numerous tournaments.

All Santa Clara Sporting Teams play under the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League, and ALL players trying-out must have proper insurance coverage. If a player trying-out for a team is currently registered with anther CYSA Team during the current playing season, that player has proper CYSA insurance coverage.  However, if the player is not currently registered with a CYSA Team, the coach is responsible to have the player and parent sign the CYSA Form 1601 – and write “Tryout” on the top of the form. Download CYSA Form 1601 and bring to the tryout.