SCYSL Good Neighbor Policy

SCYSL is committed to maintaining good relationships with the community - especially those neighbors most impacted by soccer games, practices and activities. Therefore, we require team officials, players, parents, and others attending SCYSL events to abide by the following good neighbor policies. Moreover, SCYSL teams are responsible for their guests or opponent’s behavior at all games, scrimmages, kick-arounds, etc.

  • Speeding - When traveling to and from SCYSL events, please observe the posted speed limits on neighborhood streets.
  • Parking - Please park all vehicles only in designated parking areas. If on-street parking is necessary, please do not block driveways and do not litter.
  • Loud Music and Foul Language - Boom boxes or sound systems are not permitted at any SCYSL function without prior approval and/or permit. At no time will unsportsmanlike language be tolerated.
  • Tobacco Use - CYSA policy "discourages tobacco use within 25 yards of any CYSA affiliated activity involving youth players." And, state law prohibits smoking on school grounds by anyone at any time.
  • Soccer Balls Over the Fence - Any ball kicked over a homeowner’s fence should not be retrieved during a game or a practice. Players or parents may not climb fences. After a game or practice, a team-credentialed adult may request permission of the homeowner to retrieve a ball. If permission is denied or the homeowner does not respond at the front door, the ball should not be retrieved. Do not trespass; it is neither neighborly nor legal.
  • Trash - Please use available receptacles for your trash. If the public receptacle is full, take your trash home. Please do not litter school grounds, fields, restrooms, parking lots or neighborhood streets. Be sure to monitor fan- and visitor sides for litter. All coaches and managers are expected to carry extra garbage bags as a fall back to field-owner provided receptacles.