Julio Morales Making an Impact at Chivas U17 Team

May 15, 2011

Excerpt from Alianza de Futbol - Julio César Morales landed in Chivas discreetly, through the back door. He got there to earn a place on the U-17 team of Mexico's most popular soccer club. But now, and after a succesful first season, Julio is about to play his first 'liguilla' with Guadalajara's youth team. This upcoming Thursday, the 'Rebaño' will fly to Monterrey to face Tigres in the first game of the Quarter Finals. The next match will be on Saturday at the Omnilife Stadium.

With many goals scored, Julio César Morales has become a reference in the Chivas U-17 team. Julio, who was seen in El Sueño de tu Vida in San José, has only one goal in mind: win his first title with the red and white jersey.