Remembering Jonathan Manzo Chavez

To:  All NorCal State Cup(s) teams - Players, Parents, Coaches, Managers, Fans,

As the Quarter-finals of the  Under 11 NorCal State Cup(s) week-end approaches, many returning players and adults will remember the sad and tragic news last year - at about this time - concerning the accident that took the life of Jonathan - a young Santa Clara Sporting Under 10 player.
NorCal has stayed in touch with the family through his coach and can report that the family - a year later - has, as would be expected,  good days and bad days. The family has struggled with his absence, but is moving forward. His mother visits the cemetery on most days.
We know that the family was comforted by the outpouring of messages and support from the soccer community - many beautifully expressed by young children the same age as Jonathan. 
The family has allowed NorCal to have a Memorial for Jonathan at both the Manteca and Sacramento sites. Those participating in the games can again bring comfort to the family by letting them know how much he was admired by so many other people in the soccer community.
This will be a time for remembering the sweetness of his smile and personality - and his love of his family, soccer, his team and Santa Clara Sporting.  Jonathan brought many to tears with his bitter-sweet words - "Mom, don’t let them cut off my shirt - I have a game tomorrow", but the family asks that we  remember the sweetness of the boy and the great love of soccer he shared with so many other people - young and old.
At this time, NorCal will make a donation to the family. Also, a family - asking to be unnamed - sends a message that they will again donate $500 to the family. Last year, donations were collected in amounts of precious pennies from little children to donations from whole teams touched by the tragic accident. One whole Catholic School collected donations from their students and sent a generous check. 
Many families included  donations along with their comforting thoughts sent along to the family. The trust fund is still open and checks can be made to the Jonathan Manzo Trust Fund and left at the Memorial this week-end.    

When the NorCal League Manager first heard of the tragedy and Jonathan’s words, his immediate reaction along with the sorrow was "Jonathan should never be forgotten by the NorCal League".  That is a pledge that NorCal will gladly continue to honor. 

Thank you! NorCal