Beijing Sangao Soccer Team Compete at 2010 SI

Soccer players from the Beijing Sangao Soccer Club are hoping to receive permission to travel to the US

The Santa Clara Sporting Club is preparing to host the U18 Beijing Sangao Soccer Team from China as they compete in the 2010 Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Tournament.  The Beijing Sangao Soccer Club sends their U18 team to compete at the prestigious Dallas Cup Tournament every year, and they gained exposure to the Santa Clara Sporting Club in Texas.  Last summer, Mr. Kam Wong, a local Bay Area soccer Dad, sent his son Corbertt to Beijing, China to learn Chinese and play soccer.  Mr. Wong was looking for a soccer club in Beijing, when he discovered the Sangao Soccer Club and enrolled his son in their program. Kam Wong discovered that the Sangao Club sent their U17 and U18 teams to the United States to play, and it was Mr. Wong who recommended the club to send their team to the Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Tournament.  Kam has dedicated months of planning to bring the team to the US.  

Santa Clara Sporting would like to thank Danny Williams at the Marriott Hotel for supporting the Beijing Sangao Chinese Team.


Please come-out and welcome this team by cheering them on and showing your support.

Here is their schedule:

Sporting Invitational Tournament Schedule - the team is competing in the U19 Age Group and seeded in Bracket D

  • Friday 8/6 2pm DeAnza Force 92 Blue (Cal-North) vs. Beijing Sangao, Field #1
  • Friday 8/6 8pm Santa Clara Sporting 92 (Cal-North) vs. Beijing Sangao, Field #1
  • Saturday 8/7 Beijing Sangao vs. Eastside FC 92 (Washington)
  • Saturday 8/7 6:30pm Quarter-final Game (location TBD)
  • Sunday 8/8 11am Semi-Final Game, Field #3 (if the team wins the Quarter-final game)
  • Sunday 8/8 3:30pm Championship Game, Field#1 (If the team wins their Semi-final game)

The annual Sporting Invitational Tournament is now in it’s seventh year, and has quickly become one of the top rated amateur youth soccer tournaments in the United States. Last year, some of the best teams from Canada, Utah, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Southern and Northern California converged in Santa Clara to compete in the 3-day event.