Sporting 99B White Win Placer United Jr. Cup in exicting Penalty Kick Shootout


May 28, 2013

Congratulations to the Santa Clara Sporting 99B White Team for winning the U13 Boys 2013 Placer United Junior Cup over Memorial Weekend out at Cherry Island Soccer Complex in Sacramento. The team mowed-down the competition in their early bracket games with a 4-0 win over American River FC Revolution, 10-0 against CVU Blackhawks 01 Euro, and 7-0 over the Tracey YSL Rebels. After scoring 21 goals in the first three games they battled the Burlingame SC Blue 99 team in the semi-finals and won 3-0 placing them into the Finals against the American River FC Revolution again.

But the championship game would not be a repeat of the first easy bracket game against American River FC, and this time the game was played through regulation and both overtime periods without either team able to score a goal. Santa Clara was victorious in the end and won 1-0 in an exciting penalty kick shootout! Congrats to the players, coaches and parents.