Sporting 02B Green Continue Strong Play as NHB Cup Finalist

This past weekend the Sporting 02B Green team continued their winning ways in 2014, losing only to the champion Oxnard United, in the U12 Boys top flight of the prestigious NHB Cup.  It is the first time this team has advanced to a finals in Southern California, widely known as the most competitive region in the US.

This marks the 5th consecutive event this year where the team has reached the finals, winning 4 of the 5 (Juventus Tourneo di Presidenti, NorCal Spring Cross Regional playoffs, Davis Legacy Showcase, Sporting Invitational)..  Their performance on the pitch over this time period has them highly ranked nationally, but even more importantly Coach Justin Slaven has successfully shown the group that they are only just scratching the surface of the potential they possess as a team and as individual players.

Congrats to the 02B Green team on a tremendous weekend.....