$42,097 in Donations Raised in 2014 Goals for a Cure Campaign

Santa Clara Sporting Donated $197,000 to Fight Breast Cancer Since 2008

January 6, 2015 - The Santa Clara Sporting Club is proud to announce that $42,955.87 in donations were raised during their 2014 Goals for Cure Campaign to fight breast cancer last year. Santa Clara Sporting has now raised over $197,000 since 2008, and donated 100% of the funds to the El Camino Hospital to fight breast cancer. 

Congratulations to the Santa Clara Sporting 05 Girls Green Team for raising the most donations in their first ever Goals for a Cure Campaign. The team raised $6,847.00 and will win a tournament sponsorship from the club and present the annual check donation to El Camino Hospital. Second place fundraising efforts go to the Santa Clara Sporting 97 Girls White Team that raised $3,310, and third place goes to the Santa Clara Sporting 02 Boys Green Team for bringing-in $3,143 in donations.

"We are thankful and proud of all the players, parents, volunteers and Santa Clara Sporting Board Members that support Goals for a Cure every year," said Luis Azevedo, Santa Clara Sporting Club President. "And it makes me very happy to see the youngest U9 Girls Team raise the most donations because it shows our club has new energy to continue fighting breast cancer for the women in our community."

Santa Clara Sporting Teams participate in the annual fundraising efforts every October by competing in their pink Goals for a Cure soccer jerseys while raising donations. All the funds are used to support women in Santa Clara County who need financial assistance to get a breast screen exam at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. Goals for a Cure has provided 487 women with a free mammogram since 2008. Early detection of breast cancer is a critical element to fighting the disease. Donations can be made online here.





05G Green


First Place

97G White


Second Place

02B Green


Third Place

02B White



98B Black



02G White



98B Green



02G Green



99G Black



00B Green



04G White



99G white



06G White



06G Green



04B Green



98G White



03G Green



03G White



98G Green



00B White



Men's Team



99B White



02B Black



99B Green



00G White






05B White



04G Green



Over 35



01B Green



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99G Green



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