Manchester United vs. Barcelona Game Exclusives Gifted to SCYSL & PAL

July 10, 2015 - The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League and the Santa Clara Police Athletic Soccer League (PAL) received a generous gift from RSE Ventures - the promoter of the International Champions Cup North America. In a gracious show of support to our soccer community, Santa Clara Youth, Santa Clara Sporting and Santa Clara PAL soccer players have the chance to participate in four exclusive activities surrounding the Manchester United vs. Barcelona soccer game held Saturday, July 25th at Levis Stadium.

"We are extremely grateful to Mr. Stephen Ross and Mr. Matt Higgins from RSE Ventures for providing this once in a lifetime opportunity to the soccer players in our community," said Tino Silva, President of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League. "The soccer match between Manchester United and Barcelona is the biggest soccer game on the planet this year, and on behalf of all our soccer players we thank them for providing Christmas in July!"

Santa Clara Youth Soccer League and Santa Clara PAL shared the following:

FC Barcelona Training Sessions - 250 special guests receive guest were able to attend the Barcelona Team training at Levis Stadium. In addition, 50 of those guests will received a VIP ticket to meet players on the field. View Photos

Manchester United vs. Barcelona Game, Player Escort - six players (2 SCYSL, 2 Sporting and 2 PAL) were selected to escort players from the tunnel onto the field before kick-off. Santa Clara Youth Soccer and Santa Clara Sporting reward two male and two female soccer players that won the Jonathan Manzo Chavez Spirit Award since the annual award started back in 2011. View Photos

Manchester United vs. Barcelona Game, Honorary Captains - two soccer players (1 SCYSL and 1 PAL) receive designation as honorary captains of each team to be recognized on the field. They will participate in the pre-game coin toss.

Manchester United Private Soccer Clinic - 8 soccer teams (2 SCYSL, 2 Sporting and 4 PAL) received an invite to train with the Manchester United Soccer School Coaches. View photos.